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The History of Mudpies

Making mud pies was an activity I enjoyed greatly as a child.  This form of Mud play is very similar to the method of mixing the concrete seen in much of my artwork.   

During the summers as a child, I played at my Grandmother’s house which was located in a small east Texas town.   Fleta, a young girl who lived down a small dirt road and I would spend hours together as we made mud pies.   We would line the fence tops of the chicken yard with pies of all kinds.  Obviously these pies were not meant to be eaten; however, our elaborate tea parties were filled with delicious treats made with a mixture of basic water and soil and few added plants and pebbles.  The mud pies would stay together only if the mud was sticky enough.   We sat for hours among chickens and farm animals and exchanged our ideas about the future and we relished the beauty of our homemade mud pies.   This activity definitely nurtured my imagination and may have been the beginning of creating artwork.

jonathan gollins